NEEWER ND Filter Set For DJI Mavic Mini/Mini 2/Mini SE Accessories,Polarizer ND Filters Include ND4PL ND8PL ND16PL ND32PL ND64PL

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Type: Neutral Density Filter

Package: Yes

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: 10100875

Materials: Optical glass,aluminum alloy

Brand Name: NEEWER

NEEWER ND Filter Set Compatible with DJI Mavic Mini/Mini 2/Mini SE Accessories, 5 Packs Polarizer ND Filters Include ND4PL ND8PL ND16PL ND32PL ND64PL

【Compatible with DJI Mavic Mini/Mini 2/Mini SE】 These filters are specifically designed for the Mavic Mini, Mini 2, and Mini SE cameras

【Multi-Coated Optical Glass】 Multi-coated optical glass delivers clear images. The coatings are water-resistant, oil-resistant, and scratch-resistant, reducing lens flares and reflections

【Aluminum Alloy Frame】 The aluminum alloy frame construction ensures a lightweight design and will not affect gimbal calibration

【Reduce Light & Enhance Contrast】 ND/PL (neutral density + polarizing) filters reduce the amount of light that enters your camera’s sensor and enhance the contrast of your subject without unwanted reflections from water or glass

【Easy-to-Install】 Easily install and remove the filters from your drone’s camera. The package includes five ND/PL filters (ND4PL, ND8PL, ND16PL, ND32PL, and ND64PL), one plastic case for storage, and one filter cleaning cloth

ND/PL filters reduce reflections from reflective surfaces (such as water, glass, ice, snow, and foliage) and enhance the contrast and saturation of your image. And they reduce the light entering the camera sensor and allow you use a slower shutter speed to make your footage more cinematic.

The ND4/PL filter reduces light by 2 stops and can be used to capture sunrise or sunset.

The ND8/PL filter reduces light by 3 stops. Ideal for using on partly cloudy days.

The ND16/PL filter reduces light by 4 stops, you can use this filter on cloudy days when the sun is mild.

The ND32/PL filter reduces light by 5 stops and is ideal for use on clear days with few clouds.

The ND64/PL filter reduces light by 6 stops. Perfect for shooting on bright sunny days.

High-quality optical glass with multiple coatings deliver clear and sharp images.

Easy to install and remove the filters. Simply rotate the filter to achieve a desired polarizing effect.

Get more control over the light and take your photos and videos to the next level.


Compatibility: Compatible with DJI Mavic Mini, Mini 2, Mini SE

Lens Filter Type: Neutral density + polarizing (ND/PL)

Materials: Optical glass, aluminum alloy

Color: Black

Package Contents

1 x ND4/PL Filter

1 x ND8/PL Filter

1 x ND16/PL Filter

1 x ND32/PL Filter

1 x ND64/PL Filter

1 x Filter Cleaning Cloth

1 x Filter Case

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