Neewer 8.5x10ft Backdrop Stand Support Kit with 6x9ft Background, 900W 5500K 24-inch LED Softbox and Umbrellas Continuous Lighti

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Plug: US Plug

Photography Accessories Type: Background Stand

Package: Yes

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: 10096532

Brand Name: NEEWER

Neewer 8.5×10ft/2.6×3m Background Stand Support System with Black/White/Green Backdrop, 5500K 900W Continuous Lighting, Softbox, Umbrella, Clamp for Studio Photography Video Gaming

【Adjustable Support System】 The backdrop stands with 3-section center columns can rise to 8.5’ (260cm), while the screw knobs can assist with quick height adjustment and secure the stands with extra strength. Four crossbars can form a length ranging from 5’ to 10’ (150cm to 300cm). The maximum size of 8.5’ × 10’ (2.6×3m) is ideal for full-body and group shots

【Backdrops & Strong Clamps】 Three 6’×9’ (1.8×2.8m) seamless backdrops in white, black, and green are ideal for product photography, portraits, headshots, and chromakey compositing for gaming and live streaming. Six heavy-duty backdrop clamps fasten the backdrops on the crossbars with a firm grip

【Softboxes & Umbrellas】 White translucent softboxes and umbrellas soften and diffuse the light output of tungsten lights, LED lights, studio flashes, and any light source for perfectly balanced lighting. The light holders with standard E27 sockets are compatible with a wide variety of light bulbs

【Premium Light Bulbs】 Four 25W powerful LED bulbs can produce consistent and bright illumination equivalent to 900W filament bulbs. They are more durable than traditional filament bulbs and able to emit continuous and flicker-free lighting for high-quality video creation

【Background Support System + Lighting Kit】 3 × Muslin Backdrop (Black, White, Green), 2 × Backdrop Stand, 4 × Crossbar, 6 × Backdrop Clamp, 1 × Carrying Bag for Background Support System, 4 × Light Stand, 2 × E27 Light Holder, 4 × 25W LED Bulb, 2 × Umbrella, 2 × Softbox, 1 × Carrying Bag for Lighting Kit

This multifunctional background support + lighting kit contains everything you need for next-level group shots, headshots, full-body shots, portraits, video gaming, and live streaming.

The green backdrop is perfect for chroma keying in video games and live streams, while the white and black backdrops help to take professional headshots and portraits. Muslin fabric is non-reflective and machine-washable.

Two backdrop stands are adjustable from 2.4’ to 8.5’ (74cm to 260cm), and four crossbars interlock to form a breadth from 5’ to 10’ (150cm to 300cm). The aluminum alloy material ensures reassuring stability.

Four 25W LED bulbs cast bright and flicker-free lighting for video creation. Softboxes and umbrellas diffuse light output and eliminate harsh shadows. E27 light holders enable 180° tilt movements and secure on light stands via tension knobs.

Light stands can extend to 6.6’ (200cm) and fold down flat for easy storage and transit. Two carrying bags house the kits and keep them portable for on-location shots.


Backdrop Support Kit

Maximum Height: 8.5’ / 260cm

Maximum Crossbar Length: 10’ / 300cm

Backdrop Size: 6’ × 9’ / 180 × 280cm

Backdrop Color: Black, white, green

Backdrop Material: Muslin

Lighting Kit

Light Stand Height: 6.6’ / 200cm

Softbox Size: 24” × 24” / 60 × 60cm

Umbrella Size: 31” / 84cm

LED Bulb Type: E27

LED Bulb Power: 25W

LED Bulb Input: 110–130V

Color Temperature: 5500K

Package Contents

Background Support System

3 × Backdrop (Black, White, Green)

2 × Backdrop Stand

4 × Crossbar

6 × Backdrop Clamp

1 × Carrying Bag

Lighting Kit

4 × Light Stand

2 × E27 Light Holder

4 × 25W LED Bulb

2 × Umbrella

2 × Softbox

1 × Carrying Bag

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