VSGO Lens Clean Air Blower Duster Clean and Clear Camera Cleaning Blow for Canon Nikon Sony Digital SLR

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Weight: 35 g

Type: Air Blower

Size: 10*5 cm

Package: Yes

Package: OPP Bag

Origin: Shanghai, China

Origin: Mainland China

Name: Portable Dust Blower / Air Blower

Model Number: New Mini

Model: DDA-9

Certificate: ISO9001, CCC, SGS, RoHS

Brand Name: VSGO

Application: clean camera, lens, computer, etc.

VSGO Portable Silica Gel Air Blower DDA-9

Ideal for cleaning dusts on the surface or in the seam of camera lens, filter, viewfinder, sensor and other optical equipment. Also can used to clean the seam of piano, keyboard and other hard reachable area

Small but powerful. Accord with RoHS standard. Portable to take along during outing shooting

Top Grade Silica Gel Material

Environmental silicone material air blower. Soft nozzle avoid accident damge in case of contact lens, filter or sensor

The improved uni-body blower nozzle will not fall off while blowing a powerful stream of air, it can easily blow away dust and particles from the Camera lenses and sensors.

Three Different Colors

Portable Air Blower Pro with Filter

1. Top grade silicone material
2. Unidirectional air intake. prevent dusts suck into the blower.
3. Filter design, eliminate secondary pollution and prevent dust from entering the camera.
4. Special coating, dust-proof.
5. Tumbler design, keep nozzle away from ground and dusts.

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