Neewer 24 PCS Square Filter Kit, Resin ND Filter Graduated Full Color Filter Set For Cokin P Series with Adapter Rings (49–82mm)

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Type: Neutral Density Filter

Package: Yes

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: 10100596

Brand Name: NEEWER

Neewer 24 PCS Square Filter Kit, Resin ND Filter Graduated Full Color Filter Set Compatible with Cokin P Series with Adapter Rings (49–82mm) Filter Holder Lens Cleaning Pen for DSLR Cameras

【Wide Compatibility】 This square lens filter kit is compatible with Cokin P-series and is compatible with Canon Nikon Sony Leica Fujifilm Pentax Lumix Olympus cameras. Designed for photography enthusiasts who want to elevate their experience

【Graduated & Full Color Filters】 The graduated color filters have a gradual change from clear to colored. Give one half of your photographs a color touch while maintaining true lighting in the other half—perfect for landscape photography. The full color filters provides a vibrant color to the whole image for a dramatic feel

【Graduated & Full ND Filters】 The graduated ND filters feature a gradual change from light to dark. They are used to control light that gets too bright in part of the image—ideal for sunset shots where the sky is too bright and the foreground is too dark. The full ND filters reduce the amount of light that reaches your camera sensor and allow you to use a slower shutter speed in bright lighting conditions or a wider aperture for a shallow depth of field

【Filter Holder】 Up to three square filters can be inserted into the Plastic filter holder for special effects. Easily rotate the filter holder to adjust the filter direction for various scenes

【Package Contents】 8x Graduated Color Filter (Yellow/Orange/Blue/Red/Green/Purple/Pink/Coffee), 8x Full Color Filters (Yellow/Orange/Blue/Red/Green/Purple/Pink/Coffee), 4x Graduated ND Filters(G.ND2/G.ND4/G.ND8/G.ND16), 4x Full ND Filters (ND2/ND4/ND8/ND16), 9x Adapter Rings (49-82mm), 1x Filter Holder, 1x Lens Cleaning Pen, 1x Lens Cleaning Cloth, 1x Filter Pouch

The full ND filters reduce light in your image and does not affect the colors. Use them to blur water motion on a bright sunny day or create light trails.

The graduated ND filters reduce light in one half of the image. Perfect for sunrise and sunset shots.

The full and graduated ND filters come with four different density levels, allowing you to reduce light from 1–4 stops.

The graduated color filters add a certain color to one half of the image. Use them to adjust the contrast in your image.

The full color filters change the color of the entire image. Perfect for enhancing colors and creating dramatic or special effects.

The full and graduated color filters come with eight different color options so you are able to choose the one that suits your shooting scene.

There are nine different adapter rings (49/52/55/58/62/67/72/77/82mm) to mount lens of different sizes.

Just choose an adapter ring that fits your lens and screw it onto the lens. Slide the filter holder on the adapter ring until it’s locked in place. And insert a filter into one of the filter holder slots to start shooting.


Filter Types: Graduated neutral density (G.ND), neutral density (ND), graduated color, full color

Density Levels: ND2/G.ND2, ND4/G.ND4, ND8/G.ND8, ND16/G.ND16

Color Options: Yellow, orange, blue, red, green, purple, pink, coffee

Thread Sizes: 49/52/55/58/62/67/72/77/82mm

Filter Material: Resin

Filter Holder Material: Plastic

Package Contents

8 x Graduated Color Filter

8 x Full Color Filter

4 x Graduated ND Filter

4 x Full ND Filter

9 x Adapter Ring

1 x Filter Holder

1 x Lens Cleaning Pen

1 x Lens Cleaning Cloth

1 x Filter Pouch

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