VSGO Full Frame DSLR SLR Camera Sensor CCD/CMOS Cleaning Kit VSGO DDR-24 for Digital Cameras Matrix Clean

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Type: Clearing suit

Size: 16*12*3 cm

Package: Yes

Package: Each swab individual packed

Origin: Mainland China

Origin: Shanghai, China

Name: full frame dslr sensor cleaning swab

Model Number: DDR-24

Model: DDR-24

G.W.: 0.18 KG

Contents: 12 pcs full frame clean-room swabs + 15ml sensor cleaner

Certificate: ISO9001, CCC, SGS, RoHS

Brand Name: VSGO

Application: clean full frame sensor CCD/CMOS

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Full-frame Digital SLR Camera Sensor Cleaning Kit

Ideal for the cleaning of all kinds of digital SLR cameras CCD/CMOS. Compatible for Nikon, Sony, Canon, Fujifilm, Pentax, Leica, Panasonic, Sigma, etc brands digital cameras

Clean-room Produced Full-frame sensor cleaning swab

1. Superfine microfiber made cleaning swab can easily clean the invisible dust, particles and smudges on cameras sensor, leaves zero scratches, streaks or marks.

2. All the swabs are manufactured in the class100 Clean room and will be washed 4 times by ultrapure water & 2 hours wash by ultrasonic.The dustfree future made it Does Not Shed or Leave Fibers Behind.

3. Vacuum packed prevents the cleaning swab from being polluted by the external environment

Alcohol-free Sensor Cleaner Fluid

1. Use ultrapure water as mother liquor, the sensor cleaner is pure & safe for delicate optical surface cleaning.

2. Non-Toxic & Alcohol-Free Formula Camera Sensor Cleaner leave zero scratches, streaks or marks after use. Delicate care for optical surface

3. 3 Years" Warranty

What Inside the Kit?

Full frame sensor cleaning swab * 12pcs
Sensor Cleaner 15ml


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